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Sitemap Home A short summary about the content of the SAUT ARUSHAServices ICT Support page. About SAUT ARUSHA Services A brief introduction about the SAUT ARUSHA Services department and what it is offering to the UDSM students. Service An overview about the services the SAUT ARUSHA Services department provides. Helpcenter Information on how to use the ICT facilities provided by SAUT ARUSHA Services. E-Mail Configuring your EMail Client Microsoft Outlook Configuring Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook Express Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express Mozilla Thunderbird Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird Eudora Configuring Eudora TCP/IP Configuring TCP/IP Projects Information about the projects UDSM Services is currently working on. Links A collection of useful links to computer and internet related topics. Download Different files to download from the UDSM Services server. Glossary A small "dictionary" with explanations of computer and internet related expressions. Contact Us Information about how to contact the UDSM Services department staff.